Santa Barbara County medics on the front lines in Texas relief efforts

Rescues and evacuations still underway

Santa Barbara County AMR crew helps out in Texas (Joey De Anda photo)

HOUSTON - Paramedics from the Santa Barbara County American Medical Response team have arrived in Texas to help with urgent needs after Hurricane Harvey.

A member of the AMR strike team, Joey De Anda shared his video with NewsChannel 3.    

He flew to Houston with medic Gus Avalos after getting the alert call last Friday to join a strike team from California.

The local medics picked up an AMR van in Houston and immediately answered calls.

De Anda said they helped to evacuate a damaged hospital in Victoria, Texas to move patients to a more functional facility in other areas including Dallas.

In the shelters, those evacuated without any warning were left without fresh clothing or medical supplies. "Nobody had their medications, nobody had their standard medical care items. So we are seeing a lot of  diabetic needs,  a lot of hyper tension crisis, a lot of chronic diseases that  people take medications for every day and they are just not getting that care," said De Anda.

It's unclear how long the response duty will continue but De Anda said he is in the for the long haul. "Damage is still being assessed and people are still being rescued. People still really need our help so we are going to be here as long as people need us to be," he said.


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