New blood pressure guildelines released before the holiday

New blood pressure guidelines...

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The American Heart Association used to consider 140/90 as high blood pressure, now, 130/80 is the new guideline.

Charles Fenzi, M.D. is the Chief Medical Officer with the Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics. He said he likes the change. Dr. Fenzi said, "This is what the goal should be."

The top number refers to the amount of pressure in arteries during the contraction of heart muscles. It is also called systolic pressure. The bottom number refers to blood pressure between heartbeats.

Dr. Fenzi recommends working out and eating right. Tanner Jacobson of Santa Barbara tries to do both.

"I definitely think that people need to watch their blood pressure, people my age and millennials don't think about that very often, but with loved ones who are older and family members who are older grandparents and things it is always nice to keep an eye on that," said Jacobson.

Doctor said high blood pressure can lead to hearts attacks, strokes and kidney disease.

"We have got some heavy diets coming down the road here in a week, right, and then a month after that another big huge opportunity to stuff yourself so I would say after you big meal take a walk," said Fenzi.

Many drug stories offer blood pressure checks for free.

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