Cities keeping their public pools hygenic as summertime approaches

Report: 1 in 10 pools don't have enough chlorine

Cities keeping their public pools...
SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - Once every hour crews at the Paul Nelson Aquatic Center in Santa Maria check the pH levels of their pools that see over one thousand visitors a day during the summer.
"Well sometimes there's challenges keeping up with a large crowd but usually it comes in waves so we're able to know those and we're able to shut down various to clean during the day so it's not an all at once cleaning [activity]," says Parks Manager for the city of Santa Maria, Jim Davis. 
Now the staff has a new tool in their arsenal for ensuring all of those guests have clean water to swim in. 
"It's actually a week old - it is an automated system to read multiple factors in the pool, starting with our free chlorine, our ph level, we can read flow [and] temperature of the water" explains Jerry Watson, Senior Crew Leader. 
All of the information can be checked from anywhere on the device's corresponding app that gives readings instantly. This technology is coming soon to Lompoc's Aquatic Center.
The Lompoc Aquatic Center is indoors but many of the safety checks they do are the same. 
Aquatic Director Ashlee Winslow says one of the biggest ways they can ensure cleanliness is if the guests are mindful of any sort of illness before they step in, telling us: "Being ill with any type of stomach virus, ear infections, eye infections are also very contagious especially in water situations so it's important to make sure that when you do come in that you're 100% healthy."
Karen Terones brings family members to the aquatic center regularly and is happy with how the staff maintain the pools. "I have seen them check the water once and a while and that's probably one of the reasons why we go is I have seen them do that and know that it's really clean and that they're taking care of it," she says. 
Experts we spoke with recommend always asking staff at whichever public pool you go to whether it be here or on vacation - how frequently they check their water a day; it could provide insight on what youre about to jump into.

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