Bottled Water Preferred By Some After Reservoir Death

Public Health: Water is safe

Some prefer bottled water after reservoir tragedy

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Ten days after a boater went missing , his remains were found in Cachuma Lake.

Public Health officers said the water that is treated after it leaves the reservoir is safe to drink.

But some residents are not convinced.

Since the tragedy a Montecito man said he won't drink the water and he won't give it to his puppy.

Instead he uses bottled water.

Reservoirs such as Cachuma ban swimming to reduce potential contamination into the water resource.

Isaiah Sanchez, 22, of El Rio in Ventura County, got in the water in an attempt to swim for help when the motor of his boat died.

People in a rented pontoon found his remains floating in the water near Cachuma bay Monday afternoon.

Public Health officers said the water is filtered and treated after it leaved the site.

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