Bath salts' troubling effects

Doctors say a street drug called bath salts can cause heart attacks

Bath salts' troubling effects

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. - After a bath salts bust in Ventura County, health officials are trying to warn people about their physical and mental effects.

Ventura County's medical director says the synthetic drug can damage your heart and your brain cells.   It can also make you heat up and tear off your clothes.

Dr. Robert Levin said even drug addicts say bath salts are something to stay away from. Levin said, "We've had teenagers get heart attacks from bath salts.  It can cause psychological changes or hallucinations. People have had psychotic breakdowns. We've seen suicide attempts on bath salts."

A recent sting operation at the Doughmain smoke shops in Thousand Oaks and Moorpark led to three arrests. The investigation began in June when a woman, who said she bought bath salts at one of the shops, crashed her car into a home.

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