Air quality unhealthy across Ventura, Ojai Valley

People wearing masks and urged to stay indoors

Air quality poor across Ventura Ojai...

CASITAS SPRINGS, Calif - People across the city of Ventura and into the Ojai Valley are dealing with unhealthy air quality from the Thomas Fire.

The Santa Ana winds were not as strong Wednesday morning which allowed the smoke and ash from this massive 65,000-acre fire to settle. Coming to rest on the city of Ventura, Highway 101 and into the Ojai Valley.

"We don’t have the wind going and when it starts to go back up [the smoke] probably will pop it back out," Ojai local Tanya Sandiford said. "And the way Ojai sits it’s in a nest so it just hangs right here."

Others in Ojai feel the same way. But many continue to stay in town instead of heeding the voluntary evacuation notice that is in effect. That includes Travis White and his buddy who say they are the only people remaining in their neighborhood.

"It’s getting pretty close. We’re just trying to water down everyone's house next to us and the whole neighborhood because everybody evacuated," White explained. "We like our stuff to much. We can’t take it all so we’re going to try and save it all."

Down Highway 33 in Casitas Springs rumors of the flames reaching Johnny Cash's old home turned out to be just that. Rumors. Up the long driveway the house remains intact, with what appeared to be only outhouses and land that burned around it.

Santa Barbara County has even issued an air quality warning until conditions improve there.

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