Affordable Care Computer Glitches Delay Roll-Out

Some people suspect hackers

Affordable Care Computer Glitches Delay Roll-Out

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - President Barack Obama acknowledged computer problems plaguing the roll-out of the Affordable Care Act registration websites.

The president didn't pinpoint the causes, but some people say hackers may be to blame.

Jeffrey Miller said hackers could be motivated to make Obamacare fail, but he also said more people should be working on the website.

Critics said the administration has already had three years to make the exchanges work.

Dr. Charles Fenzi, of Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics, said he is just hoping the problems will get repaired so more people can get the insurance they need.

Dr. Fenzi does not think they need to push back the March 31 enrollment deadline.  He said that would just delay care.

Obama suggested people sign up the old fashioned way by phone or paperwork, but even insurance agents certified to work with Covered California exchange has trouble downloading the paperwork.

And phone lines are jammed.

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