A massive cleanup is underway in the Thomas fire burn zone to remove ash

Work will take weeks

Ash cleanup underway after Thomas fire fall out. (John Palminteri/KEYT photo)

MONTECITO, Calif. - A massive clean up is underway in homes and businesses from Carpinteria to Goleta following the Thomas fire.

The fall out of ash has made a mess of the area and raised health concerns.

One location, Montecito Union School had a small army of workers on hand Thursday from Restoration Management.  The company specializes in clean-up operations after major events, including disasters and environmental issues. 

Some of the trucks were loaded with cleaners, bags, special equipment, mops, rags and sanitation chemicals.

Looking over the job, on-site supervisor Edwin Ascencio said they will be going over "walls, cieling,  floors  - everything!"

You can hear some of the equipment in every hallway. "We use a heppa vacuum," said  Ascencio about the effort to suck up all the particulates left over from the ash in the nearby burned Montecito hills that came down.

When asked if the work will take a couple of days he said, "Probably we stay here for two weeks. " 

School is on a holiday break right now. There will be plenty of clean up operations in the area. "We go to schools, churches," said Ascencio.

There will be using pressure washers in the corridor. Some of the employees will be working on Christmas if they are available.

The students return next year.

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